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Anand Mishra is the CEO of Star Infranet, a professional entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, specifically in Computer Science. Since 2010, when he founded the company Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited, it’s registered trademark Star Infranet has provided full cooperation and all the necessary support to build the digital space for all divisions of the ITV Network.

The new CEO recognized not only the potential, but also the importance of an online marketing strategy, which eventually ended up escalating the media industry. The best examples of rapid online development are India News, Aaj Samaaj and the NewsX channel, which started reaching their full potential after building their digital space. What is more, this digital space has also been built for the famous newspaper, The Sunday Guardian.

The previous working experience of Anand Mishra includes several senior management positions in different leading multinational companies all over India, as well as consulting positions in a popular travel agency in India.

When first founded, the company didn’t have any funds, but soon, it got its first investments and managed to make profit in the fourth year. This team of highly qualified experts took a risk and succeeded in reaching the highest position in the IT industry.

Currently, CEO is working on a new project that involves opening a chain of hotels in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Moreover, he has partnered with a global brand in order to launch a new chain of restaurants in Delhi and NCR, funded by the FDI.

Being a pro in the IT industry often consumes a lot of time and energy, but even in this case, he manages to find some time to help others through charity work, as a member of ISKCON.

The winning formula for successful entrepreneurship is certainly the one that contains a lot of effort, determination, time, energy and hard work. The results of Anand Mishra’s business strategy speak for themselves, thus recognizing him as one of the most important and successful people in the IT industry today.

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